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A True Christmas Miracle
December 9, 2010, 8:31 am
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I ruined Christmas. Yes. Our most cherished holiday and I desecrated it. I should back up for a minute and say that Christmas is MY holiday. Yes, I own it! I have ever since I was a little kid. Ask my parents. They’re the ones who call me Mr. Christmas. No tree was safe from my decorating frenzy. I would use every ornament to cover the tree. My wooden toy train would surround the base of the trunk and an army of nutcrackers would stand guard (Our cats would make it their personal mission to knock everything over). So, you may be wondering: how could Mr. Christmas ruin Christmas?

It all began with a lie. “Santa Claus isn’t real,” said my “good friend” Brian on the bus. I couldn’t believe I had heard these words uttered from another kid’s mouth. It was blasphemous.  How could this heretic be spreading lies about Santa? Of course he was real! My parents told me so. And everything your parents say is true. After all, why would they lie to you? This whole existential Claus crisis had rocked my kid brain. I had to get the truth.

Who is this man subjectively telling me to drink Coke?!

“Dad, Santa’s real, isn’t he?” The dinner table got extremely quiet. My Father had reassured me he was. “But the kids at school said he isn’t.” Ah yes, the very words no parent wants to hear, “But the kids at school said–.” Now, faced with the delicate task of potentially ruining my childhood, my parents decided to let me in on “the secret”.

I remember how they led me into another room. This was a true clandestine operation. I wondered if the President got this kind of treatment when his top officials told him government secrets. My heart was pounding out of control. My Father then broke the news about Santa. The unbearable truth. I remember asking about other mystical figures such as the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Surely, they couldn’t of been a part of this whole cover up conspiracy. And alas, they were. Before it was over my Father admonished me, “Don’t tell your brothers.” This was classified information.

Mr. President, it's time we had a little talk...

What had transpired after that came out of my unbridled selfishness. If Christmas was ruined for me, then the others should know the cold, harsh reality as well. I had told my brothers, even the youngest, that Santa was a sham. I remember them not even being heart broken. It was my parents who were truly upset. I had ruined Christmas for everyone because I could not live with the pain of knowing the truth. It would have been over then. What point would there be in a tree, the stockings, or the cookies and milk that would remain untouched?

Then it dawned on me. Even if Santa weren’t real, Mr. Christmas certainly was. It was that feeling I got every year around Christmas. It was feeling of joy and anticipation of a holiday that’s more about family and unity than anything else. We can celebrate those who exist in our lives, ones who care for and love us.

My family and I have celebrated many, many good years after Santa Gate. And I look forward to this year when Mr. Christmas visits us again.


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WHAT? Santa isn’t real?!?!

You definitely needed a spoiler alert on this blog post. 😉

Fun story, and I think one to which we can all relate. My 11- and 8-year-olds were told last year that Santa isn’t real — by their father in their other home. I had no idea how to respond when they came home and reported that to me.

I went with the “he’ll always live in our hearts” line. Somehow, it didn’t seem to help much… 😦

Comment by Mikalee Byerman

I’m sorry to hear Dad had to commit Santa-cide! I think your kids will learn to appreciate Christmas as a family holiday. Maybe they’ll be Santa for their kids someday!

Comment by coreytrench

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Comment by R.B.E

hahahaha. santa gate, nice work. and congrats on freshly pressed!

Comment by dearexgirlfriend

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. Keep the Claus alive!

Comment by coreytrench

I’m glad to say as a parent I waited entirely too long to tell my kids about Christmas. They knew the truth YEARS before I broke the news.

Comment by Christy aka Mamarazzi

Nice post! I did one Monday on the same topic:

It was hard learning the truth, wasn’t it? Congrats on FP!!

Comment by The Simple Life of a Country Man's Wife

Great Post! When I was growing up Santa even brought the tree! When we woke up on Christmas morning it was all there…the tree the was spectacular. It only dons on me now, as a grown up, that when I went to my friends houses they all had their trees up and decorated. Was I the only one who got her tree from Santa? I never even questioned it. I guess that speaks to a child’s willingness to believe in all things magical and wonderful! I still believe!

Comment by mmgoodsongs

I’m glad you still believe. Wow, your Santa was a one stop shop for all your Christmas needs!

Comment by coreytrench

Wait…what the hell…Santa is not real!!! Bull Crap!!! 🙂 I know a lot of people who have decided to not allow their kids to believe in Santa, which I hate. I wasn’t mad when I found out he wasn’t real. It made me appreciate my mom even more for fostering my imagination. I don’t think it’s a bad thing to allow children to believe in Santa…it’s just that when they find out I know they may be upset. For me it was finding my Alphie in the closet before Christmas. I remember thinking, wait, did mom buy it for me. But then I wasn’t mad at all. I even let her think I believed in Santa for the next few years and, well, maybe I kind of still did. 🙂

Comment by runtobefit

That’s cool that your Mom kept Santa alive. My Dad used to take jingle bells and shake them outside our window when we were sleeping. He made us think Ol’ Saint Nick was coming to our house while we were awake.

Comment by coreytrench

good post! i didnt know santa wasnt real? thanks a lot haha.
congrats on being freshly pressed!

Comment by enjoibeing

EEK! There’s just no end to my ruining Christmas for others. Thank you and glad you liked it!

Comment by coreytrench

LOL that’s how I felt growing up, I ruled Christmas and it was my day!! LOL

Comment by Lakia Gordon

Great post! Mine for today is called “A Holiday Prayer for Haiti” and though it doesn’t entertain, like this one does, it send an important message about all the violence I see exploding around me here in Port-au-Prince!

Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. It happened to me a couple of days ago–great fun!

Comment by Kathryn McCullough

Thank you for the kind words. I feel honored to share this story with others!

Comment by coreytrench

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Actually, Mom made me tell you, but your story was still funny. Love, Dad

Comment by William Corey Trench

Great post! Telling a child Santa isn’t real must be tough for any parent.

Comment by me llamo brown

What a delightful post! Thanks for sharing…I remember telling my kids, I was sadder than they were. I thought it was time, though before some other kid did the “spoiler thing” and I wasn’t there to Protect them. They took it in stride! I was sad they had to grow up! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! Merry Christmas, MR. Christmas!

Comment by Evie Garone

Thank you! Yes, my parents were so sad to tell me the truth. It was all Brian’s fault! I wish he had never put the idea in my head!

Comment by coreytrench

Great story! Congratulations on being FP!

Comment by The Ramblings Of A Demented Mind

I’m surprised you didn’t get coal in your stocking, spoiling Christmas for your siblings. Cute story. Keep the Christmas spirit! And thanks for adding Hall and Oates, what a nice addition to your story.

Comment by Aligaeta

You can’t have Christmas without Hall and Oates! : )

Comment by coreytrench

Corey, you made the Freshly Pressed list! ImPRESSive! But why didn’t you title your post “How the Trench Stole Christmas”?

HoHoHo Hope you’ll visit my blog on occasion. I go nuts over comments, so by all means, leave your reflections and reactions.


Comment by revjonflores

Thanks Jon! I’m glad you liked it. I’ll be sure to leave a comment.

Comment by coreytrench

Very cute post even though it was quite mean to tell your siblings as well…lol. I had an uncle who dressed up as Santa at Christmas and came to visit. This was in Scandinavia where Santas actually visit the children… He was a professional actor and also played Santa on the most popular kids progarmme on TV. So, Santa from TV came to my house every year- I had absolutely no doubts that Santa was real. My mom did eventually break it to me- and in the nicest possible way… I was already at that age when I had started to have my doubts. She said: Aunt lilly comes to visit ever Christmas, why do you think uncle Kirk never does? And i connected the dots… I recognised his voice…
Love Hall & Oates by the way!!! :o)

Comment by sayitwithmusic

Santa-gate….. hilarious!

Comment by humanitarikim


Comment by coreytrench

[…] Miracle […]

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I like the Santa Gate reference. I don’t remember being told Santa wasn’t real. I definitely remember believing at least one year but nothing after that. The next thing I knew I was trying to get my grandma to stop sending presents “from Santa.” Nice post.

Comment by educlaytion

Damn. I’m still holding out hope that Santa is real. I sat near a guy in the airport, who was on my flight to London. I am totally convinced he was Santa, trying to look inconspicuous. I almost asked him where the reindeer were. That guy must either love or hate this season.

Comment by lifeintheboomerlane

Santa Gate! Nice Work.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Comment by Shan

Santa Gate! Nice Work!
Merry Christmas everyone.

Comment by Homeflair

I can still remember the moment I found out, too. My older sister already knew the horrible truth and when I asked her if it was true, what the kids at school were saying, she just answered me with “Of course he’s not real! Didn’t you know that?” like I was an idiot for still believing in Santa. I was heartbroken. I silently wept for his death, and vowed to keep him alive in my heart–no matter what anyone said. …and he’s still there. 🙂

Comment by rtcrita

She probably felt embarrassed herself! I’m glad you kept Christmas in your heart. That’s where it really counts.

Comment by coreytrench

I totally remember, with stunning clarity, the day my mom “brought me into another room” to break the news to me. I had always asked Santa for a picture of himself every year, and this year, I noticed there was someone’s name at the bottom: Olan Mills (a local photography company). I asked my mother what this name meant, and why it was affixed to a picture of St. Nick himself. To make a long story short, I remember traipsing to my bedroom, mom in tow, and a flood of waterworks pouring fourth as she told me the news. I couldn’t believe it! I had no siblings to tell, but as soon as I was assured no presents would be taken away, I suprisingly stopped crying!

What a great post…thanks for sharing! Congrats on FP!

Comment by auntbethany

Thank you for sharing your story as well! I think we’re all little detectives when we’re that age. Mom and Dad can’t outsmart us forever!

Comment by coreytrench

lol lovin it! you actually physically made me smile :L lol dumdumdum as i am writing this i am watching hollyoaks :L

Comment by shoobear :)

You smiled? Wow, Christmas miracles are happening all over the place! I’m glad you liked it.

Comment by coreytrench

can’t be bothered to read all the comments as student protest reportage taking up my attention.
Simply to say – don’t know where you live but in my world it is simple. I set the rule that anyone who doesn’t acknowledge the truth of Father Christmas and Baboushka (the female, originally Russian, variant) doesn’t receive acknowledgement by Father Christmas or Baboushka. I’ve found this works excellently.
My kids are 18 and 20.

Comment by janiegreville

Time out for Corey.

Go to your room young man and I want you think about what you just did (well what you did many years ago) and now again here on the blog. You ruined Christmas again by not posting a spoiler alert for all of the Santa believing people who stumbled upon your blog and wanted to see why you got Freshly Pressed and they and 3 billion other people did not!

Good post.



Comment by Ava Aston's Muckery

Lol! I originally wrote this post for my Mom. Little did I know others would see it! I’ve learned my lesson, Ava.

Comment by coreytrench

When I was a kid – I had convinced a younger cousin there were fairies living in our backyard. His mom wanted me to tell him the truth. I figured he should figure that one out himself. Great post.

Comment by text me, love mom

Yeah, why can’t parents let their kids be kids!? I wish fairies were in my backyard. I have a lot of yard work they could be doing right now.

Comment by coreytrench

It was Christmas Eve, and I was 8-years-old, lying on the couch in the family room, unsuccessfully trying to sleep. Unfortunately, my parents mistook my trying for actual sleep. And I saw.
I “woke up” and asked my parents to sleep in their room that night.
And I cried myself to sleep.
But now, I relish the chance to BE Santa Clause. And I still think that airplanes on Christmas Eve MUST be Rudolph’s nose…

Comment by Cassidhe Hart

I’m sure you’re a great Santa. You know that’s Rudolph up there lighting the way!

Comment by coreytrench

[…] A True Christmas Miracle (via Corey Trench’s Blog: The Growing Life) Posted on December 9, 2010 by inislamicworld I ruined Christmas. Yes. Our most cherished holiday and I desecrated it. I should back up for a minute and say that Christmas is MY holiday. Yes, I own it! I have ever since I was a little kid. Ask my parents. They're the ones who call me Mr. Christmas. No tree was safe from my decorating frenzy. I would use every ornament to cover the tree. My wooden toy train would surround the base of the trunk and an army of nutcrackers would stand guard (Our … Read More […]

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Comment by DiscountDiamondRingsOnline

Great post! This actually inspires me to write about my first Christmas without Santa — I was about 13, and heartbroken, more because I WANTED to believe than because I really did still believe. But I agree with several other folks, and I’ll be sure to put a spoiler alert on my post! Congrats on making FP!

Comment by archiegrrl

Thank you! Christmas without Santa was really rough. I’m sure it got better when you realized you could take that cookies and milk for yourself. : D

Comment by coreytrench

Thank you for sharing your experiences and insights. I grew up without Santa, so sometimes I wonder how it is for people who did believe he was real. He may be part of Christmas, but there’s so much more to enjoy.

Comment by My Camera, My Friend

I agree. I appreciate it so much more than I ever did before.

Comment by coreytrench

Aargh! You cracked the code!! Why??
Congrats on your fp.

Comment by Author:thisisthediaryofanotmadblackwoman

I found out about Santa not being real when I was about 5. Our family friend was recording New Year’s party and later when I was watching it,I saw my mom getting wraped up gifts from the storage. I was stunned. So was my brother. At first we were actually thinking we got extra gifts,like from mom and from Santa. 😛 Anyway,now as a teenager I (Ofc) know Santa isn’t real,but every year I come to the Christmas tree and ask “What did Santa bring to me?” It just adds a little bit of something to whole Christmas spirit. 🙂

P.S. In my country we first celebrate New Year’s eve and after Christmas (7th january),so for us Santa comes on NY’s eve. 🙂

Comment by ticaa

Yeah, sometimes you have to add a little magic to bring out that Christmas spirit!

Comment by coreytrench

i miss santa more than he knows.

Comment by beckyyk

He missed you too.

Comment by coreytrench

really coool

Comment by ksa966

I don’t remember finding out. it must not have been too terribly devastating. I do recall the story of my older brother finding out however. Apparently he realized that Santa and the Easter Bunny’s ampersands (&) looked suspiciously alike.

He was kind enough not to spoil it for me.

Come to think of it, I wonder how long he knew before I was told…

Comment by Yoga-In-The-Mix

Nice post! I really don’t get why people teach their kids that Santa is real when they know that they are going to be heart broken in a few short years… Congrats on Freshly Pressed! 🙂


Comment by tiallarising

Thanks, Tia! I’m glad you enjoyed it.

Comment by coreytrench

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Comment by Last Pie

I almost forgot. The address is:

Comment by Last Pie

Comment by Last Pie

Haha, it’s part of growing up.

Comment by Aaron

Santa is real! My nine year old has conclusive evidence Santa exists and he told us, “Mom and Dad are too cheap to buy all those presents.”

Comment by Penniless Tim

Hemmm very interesting , and awesome!!

Comment by karster

Santa lives, no matter what your parents say – I swear I heard his sleigh bells on my roof when I was eight. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Comment by deanna

Funny. We have a kiddo getting older here, and may have the same issue.

Comment by Slamdunk

This is a great post! I’m sure a lot of us can relate! I found out as a kid that Santa didn’t exist when I caught my parents putting oranges in my stocking. The next day I told them that they’d never have to fill my stockings again if they’d just fill them up with oranges (as ungrateful as that sounds). Haha I don’t know who was more disappointed that they’d been found out, me or them! Still gotta love Mr. Christmas though! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed 🙂

Comment by inidna

you christmas grinch you! 😛 ya well even i remember being ‘told’ about it.. it wasn’t pleasant.. i didn’t know what to believe anymore…. 🙂 ha ha…

Comment by psychodoodle

I think it is so fascinating that some kids are furious or devastated while others don’t seem to care much. My folks were not very sneaky at all, so I don’t think I ever truly believed…but my dad still marks a few gifts as being from Santa, and I think it is sweet.

Comment by acleansurface

Interesting perspective but sorta nice

Comment by Lushfun

i was absolutely crushed when i found out the truth too. it’s devastating. i remember a girl in my 1st grade class told me and i was so sure that he was real, i brought in a home video of “santa” visiting my family the year before and bringing us presents… the battle between the believers and non believers got so bad that my mom had to step in and tell me the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. 😦

but you’re right! christmas can still live within our hearts

Comment by lizzie

The Christmas Day is coming soon, have a good time.

Comment by ohmylady333

[…] I ruined Christmas. Yes. Our most cherished holiday and I desecrated it. I should back up for a minute and say that Christmas is MY holiday. Yes, I own it! I have ever since I was a little kid. Ask my parents. They're the ones who call me Mr. Christmas. No tree was safe from my decorating frenzy. I would use every ornament to cover the tree. My wooden toy train would surround the base of the trunk and an army of nutcrackers would stand guard (Our … Read More […]

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Interesting Santa tale and family story. What would be your perspective on alternate views on Jesus such as

Have you explored such diversity on Jesus?

Comment by Kashif Shahzada

Precisely.But again there are other cynics who go still farther and say all this bonhomie is itself a sham. Pity them, they know not that they are humans.

Comment by Rama Sarma

I could not remember the moment when I finally dismissed the idea of Santa Claus’ existence. I guess I just realized that some things that we believed in when we were young are simply products of our imagination. But hey, Christmas is still Christmas even without Santa. Merry Christmas, everyone!

Comment by ashleyC.

This is a Great Post…..
But i didn’t know Santa was in real or not…
but i am sure it was true for children and just kidding for others….:)

Comment by

I don’t know what you’re talking about, I just saw him at the mall this past weekend. Great post! Glad to hear that Mr Christmas lives on.

Comment by It's Just Jan

santa fake? no way man i get presents every year!

Comment by ixult

I do not celebrate Christmas…so, as a kid, I naively spoilt a friend’s Christmas by revealing to her that Santa was not real. To me it was something so obvious that I hadn’t even imagined someone could believe in this! And her mum even called my parents home to complain about my behaviour! But now, as an adult, I understand the magic in the whole story so…Happy Christmas to everyone whether you believe in Santa Claus or not!

Comment by littleexplorer

Yeah, Christmas lives on even without Santa. One way or another all children get to find out the truth sometime but then they realise how much more fun it is to give presents rather than receive them.

Comment by Jessica

[…] A True Christmas Miracle ( […]

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at least you didn’t shoot your eye out

Comment by Jeffrey Scott Thomas

hmmnnn… this is so true, there are just some things that we wish stayed the same way all the days of our lives and one of them is the reality that our Santa is fake…nice piece. this is really nice… it makes me remembe rhte good old days

Comment by harkheindzel

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